6 topics to include in founder updates to investor

As a founder, keeping your investors informed is critical to maintaining their trust and support. One effective way to do this is by providing regular updates, typically on a monthly basis. In this blog post, we will explore how founders can write the best monthly investor updates that keep investors engaged and informed.

  1. Start with a brief overview

Begin your monthly update with a brief overview of your company’s performance. This should include a summary of your financials, any milestones you achieved in the past month, and any challenges you faced. It is important to be honest about your company’s performance, both good and bad. This helps to build trust with your investors.

2. Highlight key metrics

Investors want to see progress, so it’s essential to highlight your company’s key metrics. This could include revenue growth, user acquisition, churn rate, and customer feedback. Use graphs and charts to illustrate your data and make it easier for investors to understand. Keep in mind that your metrics should be relevant to your business model and industry.

3. Provide updates on product development

Your investors want to know what you are doing to grow your business. Provide updates on your product development and any new features you are launching. This helps investors understand the direction your company is taking and shows them that you are actively working on improving your product.

4. Discuss any partnerships or collaborations

Partnerships and collaborations can be a significant boost to your business. If you’ve recently entered into any partnerships or collaborations, include details about them in your monthly update. This demonstrates your ability to form strategic alliances and shows investors that you are open to exploring new opportunities.

5. Address any challenges or obstacles

Running a business is never easy, and it’s essential to be transparent about any challenges or obstacles you face. Discuss any setbacks you encountered during the month and your plans for overcoming them. Investors appreciate founders who are honest about the challenges they face and are proactive in finding solutions.

6. Close with a call-to-action

End your monthly update with a call-to-action. This could be an invitation to connect with you or your team, an offer for investors to provide feedback, or an update on upcoming events or milestones. A call-to-action helps to keep investors engaged and involved in your company’s progress.

In conclusion, monthly investor updates are an excellent way for founders to keep their investors informed and engaged. By following the tips above, you can write the best monthly investor updates that showcase your company’s progress, build trust with your investors, and demonstrate your commitment to growing your business.



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