Get a bank account that pays your taxes, automates your savings, and sends you a paycheck.

Set it up and Lance will do the rest

Where did we find Lance?

Through the Techstars Barclays Accelerator — specifically through their newsletter. I asked for an intro proactively and we invested a few weeks later.

The team

Once you…

Roadmap your day, stay in sync with your team, and do your best work, no matter where you work.

Make sure information and updates flow across the organization on a predictable basis.


This early on, this is what we bet on. Congratz again to the team Joaquin Roca, Craig Wood, Rafael Gonzaque, Peter Crysdale, Morgan Brown and the new hires!

What is Minerva?

Minerva’s vision is…

Meet a Genius for iPhone repair

Trace Cohen

New York Venture Partners ( — pre-seed/seed investments @salidonyc @gamecoinc @tommyjohn @UizardIO @journeymeditate @getstickerpop

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