Roadmap your day, stay in sync with your team, and do your best work, no matter where you work.

Make sure information and updates flow across the organization on a predictable basis.

All this talk of “remote work” has finally caught up to reality and present times — I think we can basically just call it work now. While everyone has been talking about it for years, I think that most companies and corporations didn’t prepare properly for it and now are faced with numerous challenges. Though we do expect a lot of people to go back to a physical office eventually, remote/hybrid work is here to stay and you need a platform that will help you manage it no matter where you are.

So we started looking into space early last…

Looking for a team to collaborate with and make a difference

My parents told my siblings and me that we had to start a company by 26. So I did at 18 while in college out of my dorm room and have been on this amazing journey for the last decade.

About two years ago I had a chat about life with friends, family and mentors to discuss my career, which ultimately led me to apply to business schools for an MBA. …

Raising $4M seed round led by Craft Ventures, along with GGV

Quick recap of why we initially invested


This early on, this is what we bet on. Congratz again to the team Joaquin Roca, Craig Wood, Rafael Gonzaque, Peter Crysdale, Morgan Brown and the new hires!

What is Minerva?

Minerva’s vision is to be the world’s crowd-sourced library of “how to” knowledge: by changing the way we share and learn from each other.

What does that mean?

Minerva is a Chrome Extension that captures the actions you take, automatically creates documentation and collapses the process into a shareable link with clickable instructions embedded. …

Iteration is the new innovation…


You sometimes never know what you’re looking for until you see it… So I want to start by thanking Mark Rosner for sharing Turing with me. It was our first fully digital post SIP investment a few months ago — we got introduced on a Thursday and wired on Tuesday. Also our first YC investment too because they priced the round and didn’t have a crazy post cap SAFE.

We love the idea of analog to digital transformations and Turing is a prime example of this. How do…

Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it…

Step by step guidance directly in Gmail

A few years ago my dad came back from Peak Pitch — a startup/VC event where you pitch investors while on the ski lift — and told me one of the crazier stories I’ve heard. If you know my dad, he’s a big storyteller but this one was unique…

He was at a table with some people and they all started to say where they grew up and one of the founders Joaquin Roca said Brooklyn. My dad being from Brooklyn followed up with where? He said Flatbush. My…

Coordinated partnerships with Google, Facebook and Instagram to Provide Free SureDone Go! Services Supporting the Creation of New E-Commerce Pioneers

SureDone, a leading multi-channel e-commerce software provider introduces SureDone Go! SureDone Go! is accelerating the e-commerce software landscape by providing the fastest, easiest and most affordable platform to help the newest generation of e-commerce entrepreneurs quickly launch, build and scale their young businesses through SureDone’s extended partnership with Google, Facebook and Instagram.

SureDone Go! includes all of the necessary tools to help new entrepreneurs and small business owners:

  • Get started with managing their products
  • List their products to multiple channels

Browser Extension Enables Instructions for anything on the Internet and Dramatically Cuts Communication Time by Eliminating Red Arrows and Screenshots

Meet a Genius for iPhone repair


Minerva Knows, Inc., announces its first financing of $1.1M. The round was led by Charge Ventures and Max Ventures with participation from Sagehill Capital, Bayes Capital, New York Venture Partners, and Tribe Capital. The company was founded with a mission to rid the world of wasteful and time-consuming red arrows and page diagrams that are a poor reproduction of true customer support on software applications and platforms.

ThriveFantasy, a pioneering daily fantasy sports/Esports prop betting platform, today announced their seed funding of $1M. The round was led by Stage1 Ventures, along with members of the New York Angels, New York Venture Partners, Han Park (former President of ESL) and Neil Sahota (IBM Master Inventor).

“Thrive is the only Peer to Peer Esports prop platform in the world and has awarded over $1,300,000 in cash prizes. We are now ready to expand our Esports partnerships and help define the future of daily fantasy,” said Adam Weinstein, Founder and CEO at ThriveFantasy.

ThriveFantasy is available on iOS, Android, and…

When I first started applying to MBA programs a few people suggested I look into Executive MBAs as well, which I thought had a negative connotation to it. A bunch of C-suite execs in suits, which turned out to be completely wrong.

Lets backtrack a little… I’ve been in startups/tech for over a decade now when I started my first company in college (, did PR for a little and then a few other digital media related companies before my latest role in venture capital for the last few years. I love my job as it allows me to meet…

Trace Cohen

New York Venture Partners ( — pre-seed/seed investments @salidonyc @gamecoinc @tommyjohn @UizardIO @journeymeditate @getstickerpop

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