I’m in an Executive MBA program and I highly recommend it

  • Keep learning — I have learned so much over the last decade that I’m still trying to figure out how to apply. Sometimes you need to go back to basics and strengthen other things that you think you know. Our first eight months are the core classes, so I’m torturing myself with statistics, accounting and corporate finance again while brushing up on leadership, strategy, and economics. Having a structured environment to learn in again, especially from very smart professors has been a refreshing experience. I’m looking forward to choosing electives once the core is over.
  • Connections, network and alumni — A lot of the advice I received when considering to pursue an MBA was that I should definitely focus on my school work but also make sure to network and meet everyone. Fortunately I do that now in my current role, so hopefully I’m good at it and can continue to expand my network.
  • Still working full-time — This was an interesting benefit from the program that you’re required to still work, even though we have school one week a month. In the tech world, I couldn’t imagine taking two years off as I would fall behind. It also forces me to better structure my time and allows me to directly apply what I’m learning as well. I totally understand and was convinced the full-time two year was better for me but I’m very pleased with this structure.
  • We have to travel — Every semester (4 months) we will spend a week in a different city. This year we will travel to Seattle, Toronto, Israel and Chile as a class to take classes and meet with local companies/professioanls.
  • Name and ego — Yes it’s an Ivy and my mom is very proud of me but I’m also very proud of myself. There is no shame in admitting it does feel good to say and I really am honored to be apart of it. I went to Syracuse undergrad and had an amazing experience but it’s generally known as a former party school and their basketball.
EMBA-Americas 2020



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Trace Cohen

Trace Cohen


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