Mastering the Art of Asking for Pre/Seed Funding: A Founder’s Guide

Securing pre/seed funding for your startup can be a game-changer, but the key lies in your approach. To make a compelling case, you need to be precise and strategic in your ask. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to request a specific amount of funding:

**1. Determine the Exact Amount:**

Begin by conducting a detailed financial analysis. Calculate the exact funding you need, considering operational costs, marketing, technology, and salaries for a specific period. Precision is key.

**2. Break Down Your Expenses:**

Provide a clear allocation plan. Specify the percentage for product development, marketing, hiring, and operational expenses. This demonstrates your in-depth understanding of your business needs and reassures investors.

**3. Timeline:**

Outline the specific period the funding will cover. Investors want to know how many months or years their investment will sustain your operations. This also shows your financial planning skills and provides transparency.

**4. Milestones and Achievements:**

Define the milestones you aim to achieve with the funding. Explain how these milestones align with your overall business goals. Investors are keen to see a well-thought-out plan and how their investment will drive tangible results.

**5. Risks and Mitigations:**

Acknowledge potential risks and be transparent about them. Additionally, elaborate on your strategies to mitigate these risks. Investors appreciate founders who are not only aware of challenges but also have robust plans to overcome them.

Crafting a convincing pitch involves thorough preparation and a deep understanding of your business. By presenting a clear and detailed funding plan, you not only instill confidence in investors but also pave the way for fruitful partnerships.

Remember, confidence, clarity, and a well-structured plan are your strongest allies when seeking pre/seed funding. With these elements in place, you’re well on your way to attracting the investment your startup needs to thrive.

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Trace Cohen Angel Investor / Family Office/ VC

Angel in 60+ pre-seed/seed startups via New York Venture Partners ( Comms/PR/Strategy