NYVP end of 2021 update; our most active year yet!

Trace Cohen
5 min readDec 28, 2021


We made 16 new investments and 5 follow on investments this year — below is only what is publicly announced.

*NYVP we invest $25-$50k at pre/seed at <$10M valuations (priced/SAFE/note) to start. We’re opportunistic but stay away from bio/healthcare/insurance and only 70% are based in NY, regardless of our name :)

2021 was definitely a busy year:

  • I moved to Long Island
  • Had a baby
  • Hosted 30 virtual Active Investor Upstreams, interviewed 20 VCs and introduced 700+ investors digitally
  • Snuck in an amazing in-person dinner with 20+ investors
  • Sent out 68 newsletters to my Active Investor list of 400 (800+ in slack)
  • Met with ~700 founders (lots of Zooms)
  • We invested in Saas, CPG, consumer, social, creator, food/restaurant, Ai/ML/MV, education, death, carbon-neutral, work (used to be future of work), cyber, health/wellness, customer success and had three pivots into crypto
  • Where did our investments come from? 5 warm intros via VC/angel/operator, 4 through portfolio founders, 4 proactive via Techstars (3) and ondeck, 2 cold emails, 1 previous founder we backed

We would also love to invest in more climate/sustainability/carbon reduction startups as well. Let's finally co-invest together in 2022!

  • I stepped up my meme game which now has 1M+ views combined
  • Kidas raises $2M to protect kids online from cyberbullying while playing games / in the metaverse — we found them through the Techstars Comcast Accelerator
  • Upstream raises $2.75M Seed — we invested in their previous pre-seed too
  • Upstream Launches their Collective- a DAO as a Service which we’re very excited about as web3/metaverse keeps growing
  • Lance (banking for freelancers) raises $2.8M — we found them through Techstars Barclay
  • Thrive Fantasy (sports prop bets) $3M Series A — we previously invested in the seed too
  • Kreatures of Habit launched their protein oatmeal and raises $2.2M
  • Uizard (design no code) $15M Series A from Insight Partners — we invested in their pre-seed and seed previously (Thanks LDV)
  • Fi (Smart dog collar) raised $30M Series B — we invested in their seed round
  • StrongDM (database management) Series B from Tiger, GV and Sequoia — we invested in the pre-seed, seed and Series A previously
  • Secfi raises $700M to buy pre-IPO shares
  • Superlocal goes $LOCAL — think foursquare but with crypto incentives
  • Popchew creates food brands for creators, partners with SZN (4.6M Youtube subscribers)

— order them here www.wingszn.com

  • Brian launched his Science Literacy Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)3 social-impact organization whose mission is to investigate, create, and fund scalable initiatives and programs, providing new paths to Science Literacy.

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Meet Turing Labs — The Y-Combinator Backed Startup Building “Palantir For The CPG Industry”

Some other cool companies you can look into as well :)

accelpay.io cast.app withcharacter.com funneliq.com gethank.com thehedgehogcompany.com marqii.com jumpspeak.com neutrl.com hyperwrite.ai ulo.world

What NFTs am I into?

I minted knightsofdegen.io — 8,888 Knights building a sports betting and entertainment Kingdom in the metaverse.

Bought 1 byopills that got me a key, apostle, vape, land and soon a craft

Minted 1 illuminatinft.com — These 8128 generative TOKENS, crafted in chaos, fire, and MAGIK, will be delivered only to the DEVOUT at an undisclosed time



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