The Startup Treadmill: Navigating the Pace of Progress Post-VC Funding


In the world of technology startups, securing venture capital (VC) funding is often celebrated as a monumental step toward success. However, what many budding entrepreneurs quickly learn is that this financial infusion sets them on a metaphorical treadmill, one that dictates not just the pace of their progress but also the direction of their journey. This treadmill doesn’t just run; it accelerates, pushing startups towards the next set of goals and milestones required to secure further funding, scale, and, ideally, achieve profitability.

The Initial Rush

The initial euphoria of closing a round of VC funding can be intoxicating for startup founders. It’s a vote of confidence from seasoned investors in the startup’s potential for growth and impact. This capital is crucial for scaling operations, growing the team, enhancing product development, and entering new markets. However, this influx of capital comes with heightened expectations. Investors are not just providing funds out of goodwill; they are looking for a return on their investment, often within a defined timeframe.

Setting the Pace

Upon securing VC funding, the metaphorical treadmill starts. The speed is set based on the milestones and KPIs agreed upon with the investors. These often include growth metrics, revenue targets, user acquisition numbers, and other industry-specific benchmarks. The pressure to hit these metrics can be immense, as they are critical not just for the startup’s continued growth but also for securing the next round of funding. Failure to meet these expectations can make it challenging to raise more capital, leading to a perilous situation where the startup might run out of money before achieving its goals.

The Race for More Funding

In the startup world, growth is often prioritized over profitability in the early stages. This strategy can lead to significant burn rates, where the company spends more money than it earns. This is a calculated risk, under the assumption that capturing market share and achieving scale will lead to long-term profitability. However, this approach necessitates continuous access to capital, setting the stage for a perpetual race for more VC money. Each funding round is a sprint to hit the next set of milestones that will unlock further investment, often at a higher valuation. This cycle continues until the startup can generate sufficient revenue to sustain its operations and growth or finds an exit through acquisition or an IPO.

Navigating the Treadmill

Navigating this treadmill requires a delicate balance. On one hand, founders must maintain the aggressive pace of growth that their investors expect. On the other, they need to make strategic decisions that ensure long-term sustainability. This balancing act involves:

  • Strategic Growth: Focusing on sustainable growth strategies that align with the company’s long-term vision, rather than pursuing growth at any cost.
  • Financial Discipline: Carefully managing burn rate to extend the runway, ensuring the company has enough capital to reach its milestones.
  • Transparent Communication: Maintaining open lines of communication with investors, providing regular updates on progress, challenges, and strategic shifts.
  • Adaptability: Being prepared to pivot when certain strategies aren’t working or when market conditions change.


Securing VC funding is an important milestone for many startups, but it’s just the beginning of a high-speed journey marked by constant challenges and expectations. The “treadmill” metaphor aptly describes the relentless pace and direction that venture-funded startups must adhere to in their quest for growth and subsequent funding rounds. Navigating this path requires a combination of strategic foresight, operational excellence, and a steadfast commitment to the startup’s long-term vision. For those who can master the pace, the rewards can be substantial, but the journey is often as demanding as it is exhilarating.



Trace Cohen Angel Investor / Family Office/ VC

Angel in 60+ pre-seed/seed startups via New York Venture Partners ( Comms/PR/Strategy