Why we invested in Friday.app, so you can do your best work from anywhere!

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3 min readJan 26, 2021


Roadmap your day, stay in sync with your team, and do your best work, no matter where you work.

Make sure information and updates flow across the organization on a predictable basis.

All this talk of “remote work” has finally caught up to reality and present times — I think we can basically just call it work now. While everyone has been talking about it for years, I think that most companies and corporations didn’t prepare properly for it and now are faced with numerous challenges. Though we do expect a lot of people to go back to a physical office eventually, remote/hybrid work is here to stay and you need a platform that will help you manage it no matter where you are.

So we started looking into space early last year, and thanks to Mark Rosner for the intro, we met Luke Thomas, founder/CEO of Friday. We were so impressed that he had been working on this platform for years, iterating quickly overtime and truly understood the nuances having worked remotely for most of his impressive career.

It’s also our first investment in a Maine based startup.

Features so you can do your best work

The goal of Friday is to create a hub for the most important stuff at work— GitHub, Trello, Asana, Slack, etc. — to surface information that workers need when they need it and keep them on top of what others in the organization are doing.

The platform offers a Daily Planner feature, so users can roadmap their day and share it with others, as well as a Work Routines feature, giving users the ability to customize and even automate routine updates. For example, weekly updates or daily standups done via Slack or Google Hangouts can be done via Friday app, eliminating the time spent by managers, or others, jotting down these updates or copying that info over from Slack.

They also have a Google Extension (I love these!) so when you open a new tab, you can see your daily schedule. You can click the link zoom/meet link right from there too, which is SO much better than finding it, copy/pasting it into the URL etc. The little things in life…

Pricing to use — freemium


I use the platform for my small team to manage our deal flow communication, meetings and notes. The integration with Slack, my calendar and zoom/meet has been the most beneficial in streamlining my processes.

While this was announced in November, they just revamped their site and it looks great! So yes we waited so we could test out the new funnel/on-boarding on you :)

Everyone always looks forward to friday.app!


You can find more info here when Techcrunch covered their $2.1M seed round led by Bessemer Venture Partners. Active Capital, Underscore, El Cap Holdings, TLC Collective https://techcrunch.com/2020/11/23/friday-app-a-remote-work-tool-raises-2-1-million-led-by-bessemer/



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